Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday Lust List


For my first edition of Lust List, I wanted to do some bags that have recently caught my attention. Here they are, in order from least to most lusting:

7. Marc by Marc Jacobs Calamity Rei Leather Tote
get it here
A real take-anywhere bag

6. Smython Cooper Tote
get it here
What can I say? It's purple.

5. Bodhi Safety Clutch in Electric Purple
get it here
I absolutely love the creativity on this one! (And it comes in a bunch of colors if you don't like this one.)

4. Valentino Lace Straw Tote

get it here
Valentino. Sigh. I love everything Valentino does.

3. J. Crew Invitation Clutch in Colorblock Pink and Orange

get it here
My absolute favorite color combination in a clutch. (And it's the least expensive on my list.) I might just have to get this one.

2. Bodhi Angelica Satchel in Black and White Calf Hair
get it here
Love, love, love this bag. I think I would carry it to work every day. (If I had a job.)

1. Lulu Guinness Shocking Pink Perspex Lips Clutch
get it here
I was head over heels the minute I saw this clutch. It's pink! It's lips! It's completely adorable! (It also comes in tons of other colors if pink isn't your thing.)

Next week: Shoes!

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