Saturday, October 20, 2012

Stacy London

"Even if I could change the fashion industry, I wouldn't want to. It promotes creativity, insisting on new innovation every six months. Few industries achieve the same results so amazingly, year after year." - Stacy London, The Truth About Style

The other night I had the amazing opportunity to attend a presentation and book signing by one of my favorite women in fashion - Stacy London, the co-host of TLC's What Not to Wear. Stacy was in Seattle to promote her new book, The Truth About Style, so of course I HAD to go and meet her. She was amazing: funny and friendly just like she is on television. She spoke about why she wrote the book, and how it is different from every other fashion "how to" book out there. 

In The Truth About Style, Stacy reveals some aspects of her past, including battles with childhood psoriasis and eating disorders, which have influenced her decision to pursue a career in the fashion industry. Knowing her back story for the first time, I can understand why Stacy cares so much about what she does - she sees fashion as a way to feel good about yourself, no matter you age, body type, or health issues. In the book she takes nine women who each represent something she has gone through personally, and gives them a fresh new look, as well as a fresh outlook on life. I've already finished the book and I just got it two nights ago! If you (like me) are a fan of Stacy, I would definitely recommend you get the book. You can buy it at nearly any bookstore.

After the presentation, I got in line with hundreds of other people for the signing. Stacy signed my book (with a pink sharpie!), and told me she loved my hat! I, of course, was too star-struck to say anything more articulate than “thank you.” She smiled and said it was nice to meet me. I should have said something more witty. Or at least complimented her on her outfit. Oh well.

My friends were far less star-struck than I. Shannon gave Stacy some of the smoked salmon she caught herself in Alaska, which prompted a trademark, "Shut Up!" from Stacy. (Apparently Stacy eats salmon almost every day.) Stacy even reached across the table to adjust the belt on her dress. Stacy was amazed that a fisherwoman could have style. My friend Lamb asked Stacy a question about accessorizing, and Stacy liked her name so much she said she was going to name her child that. Or at least a cat. Overall, it was a fantastic evening. Thanks Lamb for telling me about it!

Here are some pictures from the evening. Several of them are blurry because we weren't allowed to use a flash, and my camera isn't very good.

I loved Stacy's outfit, especially the shoes, which you can't really see here. She described it as "a Christmas tree with a cat on top." (If you are absolutely loving the sweater and have $466 lying around, you can buy it here.) It reminded me of this street style photo from the Spring 2013 New York Fashion shows (Although I think Stacy did it better. What do you think?):

(Photo courtesy of  Harper's Bazaar.)

Getting my book signed. What do you think of my outfit?

Lamb and Shannon having a much more productive conversation with Stacy than I did.

If anyone was going to fix my belt, I'd want it to be Stacy London.

Me back at home with my signed book.

I can't wait to read it! Already finished!

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