Friday, December 6, 2013

It Can Be Done!
Thought it was impossible to find shoes that are both comfortable and fashionable? Think Again!

A friend of mine recently sent me a link to his sister-in-law's Kickstarter page. She has designed a set of seriously covetable shoes, and get this, she promises they are the most comfortable shoes you'll ever wear! I am a sucker for high heels, the higher the better, so when I find a pair that both look good and feel good I snatch them up. And the best part? They are totally affordable! The designer is offering a surprise pair of shoes for only a $25 pledge. For a little more, you can pick your style. 

I purchased the cream winter boots, but there are a ton more styles I was lusting after. Check out the style I will be getting if this kickstarter campaign is successful:

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